Do You Want to Workout in Your Underwear and Save $15,000 in the process...?
I'll show you how (not the underwear part), but it starts with...Become a Garage Gym Athlete!!
The Garage Gym Athlete is redefining "home fitness"

The worst part about fitness is all that comes with it: a long commute to the gym, crowds of people, occupied equipment, hygiene concerns, monthly fees, and much more. You have a job, family, and all of life’s chores and tasks to worry about. Who wants to start or end their day with what feels like another chore?

But "home fitness" isn't much better when the treadmill becomes a clothing rack...or you spend an hour with a DVD jumping around in your living room for fitness...

It's time for a change. A REVOLUTION! 

It's time to become a GARAGE GYM ATHLETE!!
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What People are Saying about "THE GARAGE GYM ATHLETE"
What People Are Saying About This Incredible Book On...
Review By Matthew Spotts
Excellent book. Well organized and walks you through everything you need to know and consider when trying to setup a gym at home. Couldn't put it down and read just about the whole thing on the first day. Already have my first few projects planned and scheduled for the next few weekends
The Right Mentality
Review By Ben Kim
There's a reason why home gym equipment quickly turn into coat racks or rot away in a storage place--you have no idea what you're doing and haven't altered your mentality to fitness.

Jerred attempts to show you a new way of thinking about fitness in almost every facet, ultimately showing you the right mentality and focus to fitness, and really, life's obstacles.

No matter where you are in your fitness level or experience, this book is worth a read. This guy knows what he's talking about.
pick up this book And you'll learn:
Take a look inside... 
  • How to rearrange your budget and family objections so the ideal garage gym can come to life (this is way more effective than another game of Tetris, and much more fun)
  • THE best way to build stability (without a crunch in sight!)
  • Exactly why you should thank the inventor of PVC (especially after you check out Chapter 13!)
  • A step by step guide to picking a quality barbell (hint: sporting goods get 3 things wrong, but I'll get you back on track quick)
  • A down in the trenches way to build a power rack (warning: for the bold and brazen, but you'll love it)
There's plenty more coming your way in this guide. I made sure that if you check it out, you'll walk away with at least a handful of great tactics, tricks, and techniques to get the ultimate job done.
Page 44. Learn how to build your very own POWER RACK (over a dozen DIY projects like this)! 
Page 162. Over a month's worth of bodyweight workouts to get you started in your Garage Gym
Page 173. Get a IN-DEPTH guide on how to buy a barbell and other Garage Gym equipment where you SAVE MONEY!
Page 146. Learn the BEST tips, tricks and strategies for training alone and actually pushing yourself
Ripped From The Wild Blue Yonder: Ex-Air Force Guy Reveals The REAL Fitness Revolution Hiding Right Under Your Nose...
If you're not getting the best workout you can get...

You're running the risk of being as far away from your ideal body as the Marianas Trench is from the surface of the Pacific Ocean.

That's deep, buddy. Real deep.

But here's something else to dive into, all puns aside: how many days are you going to let pass before you finally hit your fitness goals?

Not those goals you see on TV.

Not the goals your friends have.

Your goals. The real ones that hit you at 3am and leave you staring at the ceiling in a wild mix of excitement and sheer panic. The ones that make you a little nervous to admit to anyone but your closest friends.

Fitness is life. Moving faster, lifting more, and being better than pool-noodle flexible is the stuff that an optimal life is made out of if you ask me. And people have been asking me how to get the best body without necessarily putting your bank account on life support.

And the answer is...become an ATHLETE!!
From Awkward to Athlete
Let's get down to business. This book is called Garage Gym Athlete: The Practical Guide to Training like a Pro, Unleashing Fitness Freedom, and Living the Simple Life, and it's exactly what it says on the tin.

Instead of giving you DIY fantasies, I'm bringing DIY realities to the table. Want to save a bundle of money and still have a real reason to sell tickets to the gun show? This is your guide.

Is orange your favorite color? If so, then you're in luck, because Home Depot is going to be in your future...quite often.

I'm focused on turning average people into athletes, in both mind and body. That's the mission. That's the big plan. That's where my heart, soul, passion, and experience combine forces to help people go from zero to zealous, and from one to outrageously fit.
meet the man behind the book
Jerred Moon
I was laying in bed, $100,000 in debt and recovering from an injury stemmed from pulling G’s in a high performance aircraft, when I realized my dream of becoming a fighter pilot was over – so I returned to my lifelong passion of fitness.

With no money and still recovering I started to sketch out how I could build a gym and a business to fully follow my passion of training and coaching.

One DIY project at a time I built a full gym in my garage, and then started using equations from my aerodynamics and aviation background to develop highly effective strength and conditioning programs.

Years passed and my programs have gained real traction, my garage gym went from wooden DIY to solid steel, and I have built a business that has crushed our debt and has helped thousands become better versions of themselves. We exist only because we relentlessly serve those in our community.

My name is Jerred Moon and I am a Strength and Conditioning Coach and creator of End of Three Fitness which specializes in simple, effective barbell-centric fitness for the other guy.

I was the former Physical Training Leader and Fitness Program Manger within U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command; all the work from EO3 has been featured in WOD Talk Magazine, Sweat RX Magazine, Life Hacker, The Huffington Post, The Art of Manliness, and more.

I currently coach and program for hundreds of athletes from military operators to stay-at-home mom’s. And I am glad YOU are here!!
At this point, you're at the usual crossroads... Do I listen to the crazy guy, or click away? If you want to jump in headfirst to some great garage gym DIY, simply CLICK BELOW and get your copy shipped today. 

That's it! Let's do this!!
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